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I had just gotten out of a boarding school back in Feburary of 2003 and moved into a "renting home" with my girlfriend up in Salt Lake City, 3 months later we broke up and I moved back to my familys house in NM where I stayed for a year, then moved to Tampa with my boyfriend and girlfriend and lived there for 3 months before troubles rose and I moved back to NM, broke up with them and am now living with my current boyfriend at his apartment. He lost his job and I am only making 252 every two weeks which means both my paychecks goes to rent leaving us with barely anything left over to take care of my kitten and keep food on the table. He's looking for a job but I dont feel he's trying hard enough, I dont want to leave him, he's a great guy, but I cant keep this up much longer, working 40 hours a week and being on call whenever my boss needs me to come in for something (which can take it anywhere from 40 hours a week to 60 hrs a week, and going to college, the stress made me drop two class already.

Im not sure what to do, the rent is high where we live, I want to move closer to the college, but I cant find anything close enough that seems to be cheap enough...

Any help would be so greatly appreicated.
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