Jennifer (torquebasil) wrote in apartment_woahs,

Housing in College - MADNESS!

I have now lived in Davis for four years, and have one more left. As of now I have lived:
1) in the dorms (9 months)
2) at 201 1st street (2 months)
3) at lakeshore apartments (4 months)
4) at allegre apartments (6 months)
5) back home (2 months)
6) at Avalon Apartments (12 months)
7) at 1033 Acacia Lane (9 months)
8) at 940 Acacia Lane (2 months)
9) at Sherwood Arms apartments (3 months so far)
10) I should be moving out of Sherwood soon to who knows where!

Reasons for this madness:
A) I haven't had the best of roommate luck (except Chelsea at Allegre and the lovely ladies of Avalon 40, who by the way, win the longest lived award!)
B) Haven't liked most of my housing
C) Have had siblings move to Davis twice now and mix things up a bit!

Can anyone top that?
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