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Apartment Woes' Journal

16th July, 2008. 6:11 am. Commericial Dog Food is Non Regulated and Contains Poisons That Can Kill Your Dog by Lawrence Perrino - ArticleCity.com(maska5060)

Commericial Dog Food is Non Regulated and Contains Poisons That Can Kill Your Dog
 by: Lawrence Perrino
I've worked at a vet's office and asked one of the one's I really trusted, what they would recommend for my new dog. He said "None" of the commercially produced ones. When I asked why, he said it was because there are no quality standards for pet food.

There could be variations between one batch and another. One lot could cause diarrhea, another a dull coat, intermittent vomiting or skin problems. Since you change what batches you feed your dog over time, you will never know what caused the problem.

You would be shocked what goes into dog food.

Products unfit for human consumption are put into dog food. That includes rendered pets. Yes, euthanized and animals that die from disease are rendered into products that end up in your dog food. Supporters of this practice say that the product is sterilized so that no diseases are transmitted. When you read pet-food labels and it says meat or bone meal, that's what it is -- cooked and converted animals, including some dogs and cats. Even worse than the thought of our dogs becoming cannibals is the process that the flesh goes through to become bone meal. This meat and bone must be treated with toxic chemicals to render it to product.

Since many of the condemned animals are euthanized, dog food contains sodium Pentabarbital. There is also heavy metal contamination such as lead from our environment. While food for human consumption must meet strict standards, dog food does not.

So think long and hard before you feed your dog that food from the supermarket that is labeled healthy dog food. It probably is not.


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6th July, 2008. 11:07 am. How to create a Healthy Birthday Party Treat? (voxvox1718)

Most birthday parties include lots of junk food, like chips, dips, nuggets, ice cream, cakes, soft drinks, hamburgers etc.. Food that have no nutritional values or with empty calories... which are really bad for everybody especially the health conscious and the weight watchers.

Just because it's a party, you don't need to throw your healthy lifestyle out of the window and allow your family to feast on junk food. You can completely change the menu and make healthy cooking birthday parties the standard for your life and the life of your children, friends, family, and loved ones.

Healthy birthday party treats are easy to create. Just use a little creativity and you would be able to present an impressive range of good quality food for yourself and your loved ones.

Instead of buying a fattening onion dip for chips, why not purchase some low fat or nonfat yogurt and use that as a dip for a tray full of fresh strawberries, apples, bananas, and other such wonderful fruit treats! It is entirely healthy and it tastes great!

Instead of cooking hamburgers and hotdogs or ordering a pizza as many people do, for your healthy cooking birthday parties you can make chicken or tuna sandwiches, cold pasta salad, a nice big bowl of fresh garden salad or even serve a big plate of cheese platter... the list can go on.

Instead of chips, get plain Nacho and create your own dips using fresh vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, onions, apple cider vinegar, avocado and non fat yogurt. Make your own fresh fruit juices to substitute softdrinks, mix in a little soda into the juice to give the extra kick.

And if you want to totally transform your healthy cooking birthday parties, why not opt for a low fat to no fat dessert? You can make or order a nonfat yogurt cake. You can make cupcakes or a nice large cake and substitute yogurt for some of the more fattening ingredients. There are many alternatives that are just as delicious and even nutritious!

To learn more about cooking, recipes, cooking news and tips, visit Whats Cooking Website

About the Author: Soh is the webmaster of whats-cooking.info

I like it - best recipes: amaretto peach cheesecake

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27th January, 2007. 12:33 pm. Illegal Apartments(filmgodess30)

I have been rented an illegal apartment. Need to find anothe apartment asap. Anyone know how long I have to move out? This is a basement apartment that someone reported. I am from New Orleans and lost everything in Hurricane Katrina (my home, everything I owned). I am currently living in Edgewater NJ and have relocated here from New Orleans

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28th October, 2005. 11:12 am. new to the community(hates_apex)

I had just gotten out of a boarding school back in Feburary of 2003 and moved into a "renting home" with my girlfriend up in Salt Lake City, 3 months later we broke up and I moved back to my familys house in NM where I stayed for a year, then moved to Tampa with my boyfriend and girlfriend and lived there for 3 months before troubles rose and I moved back to NM, broke up with them and am now living with my current boyfriend at his apartment. He lost his job and I am only making 252 every two weeks which means both my paychecks goes to rent leaving us with barely anything left over to take care of my kitten and keep food on the table. He's looking for a job but I dont feel he's trying hard enough, I dont want to leave him, he's a great guy, but I cant keep this up much longer, working 40 hours a week and being on call whenever my boss needs me to come in for something (which can take it anywhere from 40 hours a week to 60 hrs a week, and going to college, the stress made me drop two class already.

Im not sure what to do, the rent is high where we live, I want to move closer to the college, but I cant find anything close enough that seems to be cheap enough...

Any help would be so greatly appreicated.

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4th October, 2005. 2:14 pm.(pink_fairy)

Where can I find good sites (like www.rent.com or www.craigslist.org) that are easy to nagivate and it's easy to find an apartment/roommates? Or are you or do you know someone who is looking for a roommate??

I need to find an apartment by November 1st and I only have $200 to put up a month.

It has to be in the Tampa Bay/Clearwater area because I go to school and work there.

Any help??

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29th September, 2005. 5:43 pm. Housing in College - MADNESS!(torquebasil)

I have now lived in Davis for four years, and have one more left. As of now I have lived:
1) in the dorms (9 months)
2) at 201 1st street (2 months)
3) at lakeshore apartments (4 months)
4) at allegre apartments (6 months)
5) back home (2 months)
6) at Avalon Apartments (12 months)
7) at 1033 Acacia Lane (9 months)
8) at 940 Acacia Lane (2 months)
9) at Sherwood Arms apartments (3 months so far)
10) I should be moving out of Sherwood soon to who knows where!

Reasons for this madness:
A) I haven't had the best of roommate luck (except Chelsea at Allegre and the lovely ladies of Avalon 40, who by the way, win the longest lived award!)
B) Haven't liked most of my housing
C) Have had siblings move to Davis twice now and mix things up a bit!

Can anyone top that?

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9th June, 2005. 7:33 pm. If a roommate won't pay your money they owe.(torquebasil)

Seriously, just fill out the small claims form that can be found online. Show it to them, and say that you will be filing it in 7 days if you don't get the money that is owed to you.

They will pay it, I'm pretty sure. It's worked for me and few friends numerous times. People don't like to see their name on a court form.

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26th May, 2005. 12:53 pm. A note to the wise...(torquebasil)

If you have pets, you have to get your own place. You cannot expect people to look after your pets when you can't be home, or to be tolerant of animals poop or misbehavior.

If you do have roommates, be prepared to be approached about any misbehavior or problems. The animals are your children, and you must take responsibility for them and respect others in doing so.

I learned this through inheriting my sister's small schnauzer and cat when she was deployed this year. People don't do well with impositions in thier home, even if their sharing it with you.

Current mood: recumbent.

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28th August, 2004. 9:55 am.(oceanicundertow)

These rules will be scrawled out at length by my own trembling hand at some point this weekend, and pasted up all over the flat, but for now, for your very own perusal...

Welcome. If your name begins with the letter H, P, N, M or J, you are subject to new regulations imposed upon this residence by the Nazis In This Building [NITB], backed up with my grandfather's arsenal. Alright?

[1] Upon entering the flat: You may think that this is The House of Fun, but you'd be wrong. I am not Pat Sharpe. Put your shoes under the coat rack, close the door very, very gently, and tiptoe to the living room. If I can hear you breathing from here, stop it.

[2] Check your watch. The NITB work strange, illustrious hours that only They Know, so any day ending with a Y and any hour ending with a constenant or vowel requires Quiet Music, Quiet Voices (preferably absolute silence), and 100% consideration of Those With More Weapons than us.

[3] Careful opening that bottle of alcoholated fizz. Fizzing is a loud sound, I hope you realise. So is the sound of liquid frothing into a glass. And don't even get me started on the clink of bottles together.

[4] All doors into the building and the flat itself are inexplicably heavy, and feel compelled to slam with force. We must fight this evil with all our might, using doorstops where necessary, be they plastic, woman or child. Please close all doors in a minimum of 1.2 minutes, taking care to avoid any inperceptible clicking of hinges or door handles. Any offenders will be pelted with raw eggs and eviction notices.

[5] You may notice that members of the NITB play their televisions extremely loudly between the hours of 6:30am and 10:30pm. 16 hours of Trisha exploding through your carpet does not give you the right to giggle at any volume above a whisper, nor step on a creaking floorboard, between the hours of 11:00pm and 2:00am. The NITB WILL strangle you and your family members with a J cloth and then hang you outside the building by your underwear as a sign of retribution and warning to Joe Public, therefore, I urge you, with all the nicotine and caffeine in my heart, Keep it down.

[6] Between the hours of 11:00pm and 2:00am, please light all cigarettes with a match. The level of sound produced by the scraping of a match against sandpaper versus the scritch of a lighter is significantly lower. Please do not ask how we know this. Oh, if you must know, we tested it on monkeys. No, I'm not really sure how, either. Bugger off.

[7] Sound carries. All sound. Yes, that sound. If you're not sure what sound I speak of, I shall give you a rendition, When Harry Met Sally style:

Oh... ohhhhhhhhhhhh... oh... ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh! ohhh!!! ohhh!!!!!! OH! OH OH! .... ahhh...

Oi, you: Pillow over the face. It's only polite. [Not that I'm mentioning any names, Hev].

[8] You might think, because you were raised by monkeys, that you need to have the volume on on the television set to hear anything. This is not so, especially during those dark hours where you no longer hear Trisha seeping through the carpet from the NIBT. They're called Subtitles. You may make up the voices yourselves, in your miiinds... Another handy trick to combat this particular irritant of the NIBT Bastard Society is to watch the television set whilst it is unplugged at the wall. Imagine the pictures.

Back in my day, we din't 'ave no fancy coloured movin' pictures, arrrr, all we got wo' a piece o' string an' a bag o' spit an' be damned if we din't like it!

[9] No cooking of food in the dark hours. This is because some members of the Fat-Bottomed NIBT Moron Crew are particularly hungry, all the time, and eat chips three times a day. You do not want to arouse the Beast[ies]. However, if you simply must have that piece of chicken, please place it inside a [clean] sock, and cook it this way, thus preventing the magnificent aroma of Tesco's own filtering down the stairwell to The Hungry Ones. I realise cooking bird in a sock is not good for the flavour, and may create a certain... Fluffiness. But that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make...

[10] Oi, you, No: Do not conduct conversations from the bathroom to the back bedroom. If you're really going to go to the toilet just to have the opportunity to exercise your vocal chords, either, a) Sing into the toilet [great accoustics], or, b) Tell us and we'll come sit on the bath and stare at you in an evil fashion in order to give you stage fright, so that we may point and laugh.

[11] No play fighting.

[12] If it fizzes, drink it. If it's a golden-caramel colour and comes from Scotland or Tennessee, drink it. If it's got a mixer in it, drink it. If it's served in a shot glass, drink it. The important part is to drink. The life-or-death part is to wash up the god damn vessel it arrived in. Yes, that means you.

[13] It is a readily accepted fact that most female visitors/residence of Flat 85 only dye their hair red. It is also becoming a readily accepted fact that the resident with the name beginning with J cleans the bloody stains off of the bathroom sink afterwards. This will now cease. The new rule being: If you make the mess, you can bloody well clean it up.

[14] J is a barmaid, as is H. They empty ashtrays for a living. In F85, a lot of cigarettes are smoked by J and Hev. As is written in the bible and in The Obscure Book Of Laws that I've Just Made Up, Hev must empty all ashtrays. Yes, of course I mean you.

[15] It is not wise nor clever to collect empty whiskey and alcohol-related bottles. 45 is a BIT too much. One word: Recycle. Two letters: AA.

[16] Dust collects. You have black furniture. You work it out.

In case you couldn't, here's a duster...

[17] If you need something to be washed, dried and, hell, ironed, by 8:15 the following morning, do not tell J at 9:30pm. Just... No. BAD. Very very bad squishy.

[18] Agonised squeals of, "But there's no MILK!" must be kept to a dull roar between the hours of 9am and 10pm. This is because you KNOW J is hungover. Either make her a scotch on the rocks or shut the fuck up already.

[19] Mayonnaise is like GOLD in F85. Respect the godliness of the eggy goodness. Expect a fight for the last dollop at the very bottom of the jar. Bring a bullet-proof vest.

[20] Some final pointers:

- None of this 'Having Fun' melarky is tolerated nor accepted within the boundaries controlled by the NITB.
- Doors should be closed with a sound only dogs can hear, and never slammed.
- Giggling, squealing, shrieking and screaming should be kept to the local pub. Any of these noises made in F85 will be picked up by little headset-wearing monkeys, and brought up in a Court of Law at some point in the future.
- No clinking of bottles, smashing of glass, slamming of cupboard doors, murmuring appreciative noises over a) the smell of chicken, or b) well... that
- If you unravel it, fold it.
- If it's empty, fill it.
- If you use it, wash it and put it away.
- Never arrive empty-handed, and never leave without a strong coffee swirling around in an acidic fashion in one's stomach

[21] A cautionary message, brought to you by the NITB: Have Fun Responsibly. As in, never again. Do not ask for the wrath of the Fat and Ugly. Be fearful, oh young, fun and sprightly.

[22] Belch.

Current mood: happy.

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